‘Life Is A Campaign’: After A Difficult First Month, Trump Returns To His Comfort Zone


Donald Trump reiterated his campaign promises, bragged about things he has already done. MELBOURNE, FLA.:  As President Donald Trump descended the stairs from Air Force One on Saturday evening, with a patriotic country song playing and thousands cheering, the 2020 election season officially began. Although the past several presidents have waited more than two years before jumping back onto the campaign trail, Trump's first four weeks in office have shown that he just can't stand too much time in Washington. One adviser calls political rallies the president's "oxygen" - and Trump seemed to direly need a deep inhalation following a week that included his national security

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US hopes to overcome Chinese hurdle on India’s NSG bid
January 17, 2017

New Delhi, Jan 17 (PTI) A day after China came out strongly against the Obama administration on India's NSG bid, outgoing US envoy Richard Verma today exuded confidence that the Donald Trump government would be able to overcome the Chinese hurdle. Verma said President Barack Obama, Secretary of State John Kerry and a lot of other people had

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Explosions Hit Damascus Military Airport: Report
January 13, 2017

A series of explosions ripped through a military airport on the western outskirts of Damascus. BEIRUT: A series of explosions ripped through a military airport on the western outskirts of Damascus overnight Friday, Syrian state TV reported. An AFP correspondent heard several explosions and saw a large fire inside the Mazzeh military airport,

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Festival of India to be Organised in Ghana from January 25 to March 16, 2017
January 12, 2017

A Festival of India is being organised in Ghana from January 25 to March 16, 2017.  The activities of the Festival include amalgamation of Indian classical dances, Sufi & Folk Music, and Saptarang – confluence of seven classical dance forms culminating in Vande Matram. To complete the experience, a Food Festival, Yoga and Meditation,

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